Useful Information

The Tournament will have 6 debate rounds, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals.
Debates will be in English in the Worlds Schools Debate Format. The tournament will be power-paired, for the tabulation we are using Rich Edward's computer programme TRPC.

Tournament is open to all debaters debating at high school level, representing their school, debate organization or nation.
As we expect teams from all over the world, we are planning to have 2 divisions depending on time zones you are in, e.g., one for Asia, Oceania, Middle East, part of Europe and Africa, the second one for part of Europe, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean and North America. for 6 pre-elimination rounds on Saturday and Sunday - March 6 and 7. Elimination rounds (depending on number of teams double octos or octos to finals) will happen from Monday, the 8th to Wednesday the 10th of March. Briefings – technical instructions, judges, debaters briefing will happen on Friday, March 5th.
More detailed schedule follows after registration closes.


Debates will happen on Zoom.

CAP team

CAs: Claire Ryan (New Zealand), Geetha Crefield (Singapore).
DCAs: Anastazija Stupar (Croatia), Filip Gavranović (Slovenia/UK), Jevon Henry (Jamaica), Mlungisi Dlamini (Swaziland), Naomi Panovka (Canada), Senkai Hsia (USA).


Please, fill the registration form as soon as possible but not later than January 15, 2021.
In case more teams register as we can handle (100 – 120) we reserve the right to limit the number of teams per delegation. Teams secure their spots after we receive the registration fee payment / the invoices will be sent to registered institutions after registration deadline. Registration fee is 20 EUR per debater.
If you have any additional questions, please, feel free to send an email to



Aleš Kustec


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Bojana Skrt



Miha Andrič


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Aljoša Polšak


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